Print Titles with jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin

Hi, thanks for the forum,
I have installed jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin.
On the page I print the following variables:

and in ru.yml file:


i disabled jekyll seo tag because it conflicts with jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin

i am printing the title of the page in the head.html file

<title>{% t page.title %}</title>

this line prints the title of the page well (converts the variable title: titles.pagination )
but! this does not print title from Front Matter _posts files



Question: how to make a header display condition?
If sometimes it is set for two different conditions?

  1. in Front Matter _posts files
  2. in the variable title: titles.pagination on the page

Maybe there is a solution for this case? I want to use your theme

You might want to check this out: