Post lists per date

I have a microblog, in which I would like to group posts per date. For example, if I create ten entries today, I would like them grouped under 26 February, 2018 header, then listed by time. Something similar to this (he uses Hugo).

Is that possible with Jekyll? If so, how? Thanks!

a few links to help since I wanted to do the same thing.
check out pat dryburgh’s site, go to his blog and scroll down his index to the May 01, 2020 entry where you’ll see 3 micro-posts collected under one date, he mentions updating his site to group entries under one date, it in his April 10th, 2020 post, also check out his github repo (link in about page).

also, I found this post helpful before finding pat’s example. hope that helps, good luck.

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See this post for formatting to custom date format with filter or plugin

See also group or group_by or similar filter in jekyll