Permalink for all collections?

Hey, I’d simply like to have this permalink for all the collections : /:collection/:name, is it possible?

Did you know that you can set the permalink at the top level of the config and also within the collections section of the config? I cover in my cheatsheet.

What you provided is the exact permalink value already used by default in collections section of config, so you’ll get no benefit. So don’t set it.

For example I have this Languages collection item at this url and I did not have to set its permalink up as a collection.

I used pretty for permalink value in config. Which is aliased to /:categories/:year/:month/:day/:title/ (note lack of collections here is fine).

So with that I get /mypage/ instead of /mypage.html, but I could have used the Jekyll default of date to get /mypafe.html extension.

Either way, I don’t bother setting anything specific to the collection permalink there or in collections field, and it all works neatly for my collection.