Order of operations for markdown extensions?

I’m using the fantastic theme minimal-mistakes and wanted to extend the formatting with something like admonition (which is a python plugin). The nearest option I found was: https://github.com/amedia/premonition

The text wasn’t processed by the plugin in the template, leading me to believe it might be an “order of operation” or tweak I need to do to ensure it runs before the other markdown processing in the template.

How do I got about ensuring this runs first?
Right now I’m having to use divs/html directly, but it’s very verbose and would like to trim this down.

Extra points if it’s possible to use a python markdown extension so I could use https://squidfunk.github.io/mkdocs-material/extensions/admonition/ which is my favorite :slight_smile: I’ll take just getting the premonition one to work though.

Example of formatted callout: https://www.sheldonhull.com/blog/using-qure-profiler-to-benchmark-tuning-progress


The guy behind Premonition here. I’m not exactly sure I understand what you mean (sorry).
Do you mean that the plugin wasn’t executed before the templates was processed?

I guess you have looked at the demo source code? (https://github.com/amedia/premonition-demo)

I’ll be happy to look at the problem if you could describe it more in detail, and maybe add some examples. Please do it in an issue (https://github.com/amedia/premonition/issues)