Non-secure warning

As non-secure resources are now being flagged in browsers, it seems like Jekyll Talk should make the move to HTTPS. Is this a Discourse limitation, or, because their code is already open-source, something that can be addressed directly?

Screen grab is from Chrome’s Dev Tools


Strange… I always browse this site on https and seems to work just fine.


I think what may be happening is that although most of the underlying resources for the site are secured, / may not be. My results on this have not been consistent and I would have expected to see something like a “mixed-content” warning when navigating here.

Then again, the version of Safari I am using is slightly outdated, so that may be a reason why the warning appeared. Not certain about that though…

Looks like everything can be accessed via insecure http as well as https.
I would expect http requests to redirect to https, but maybe that’s not happening.

For example this page can be pulled up with and