"No Github API authentication could be found" error on new Jekyll install

Hi, first time poster, here!

I set up Jekyll ~7 years ago to run some Github pages sites. I just migrated from an old Mac to a new Mac and installed Jekyll. Some of my sites are working (after having to update gems) but a handful are giving me this warning when I try to run the site locally:

GitHub Metadata: No GitHub API authentication could be found. Some fields may be missing or have incorrect data.

The index will load locally but every other page tries to load in https://github.com/pages/USERNAME/REPOSITIORY/page

See attached for screenshot of Terminal. Any tips to resolve would be great. Thank you!

if you google that message it seems to say it is info and not an error. My guess is you have some baseurl issues.

what version of jekyll?

can you share a link to the repo?

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We cannot help you without a minimum amount of details. We need at least :

  • a link to your repo
  • The Jekyll version you are using on your mac
  • The ruby version you are using

Please do not post screenshots of your terminal, as that makes copy pasting from them a huge pain.