New Plugin to Extend jekyll-commonmark in Ruby

The jekyll-commonmark plugin makes it easy to add CommonMark support to Jekyll. But what happens if you want to customise how jekyll-commonmark operates?

I’ve developed a plugin called jekyll-commonmark-pluggable that makes that just as straightforward. With jekyll-commonmark-pluggable, it’s easy to make adjustments to the markup generated by the CommonMark parser, CommonMarker.

I have two plugins running on my Jekyll installation which show what it can do. One plugin changes the HTML for code blocks while the other plugin (in conjunction with some CSS) ensures that a footnote doesn’t become detached from the word to which it’s connected.

jekyll-commonmark-pluggable has made it simple for me to tweak the way CommonMarker in just the way I want. I hope this can be useful to others as well! :slight_smile: