My homepage (index) disappeared


I have a jekyll site on gh-pages using minimal mistakes theme.

I made a new post today, then changed the title of the blog in the config and index.html using notepad and notepad++.

My site has now disappeared. I can still find some pages like the About page and the posts.

This is an example of a post that still works

Any ideas what I could do? Or how I could back a version?


p.s. I am medium proficient with technology

looks like you fixed it - I had a white page then clicked refresh and it showed up.

I figured out how to revert to a previous commit :slight_smile:

Actually I was able to recreate the issue. The homepage goes blanks when I add a colon : to the excerpt. The second line on the homepage image.

If you want to add a colon to your excerpt make sure the entire thing is in quotes otherwise it’ll break the YAML.


excerpt: "Your excerpt with a colon: and some other text."