Multiple output directories for a single collection

Hey Everyone,

I’m trying to think of a way where I could have one set of pages (a collection?) be output to multiple directories such that

  1. You get the desired slug based on the directory
  2. The correct defaults get applied to pages in that directory based on _config.yml

So for example you have a page for different animals

-> dog.html
-> cat.html
-> hamster.html

and you want to put all the animals in different settings by setting different backgrounds in _config.yml


path: ‘farm’
background: /images/farm.png

so then it’s really easy to change the image of the pig and have it change in all scopes/background or add a new scope/background and have all the animals get put on it

I saw something online that mentioned using symlinks but that feels a little too hacky and I’d rather just use Jekyll