Minima 3.1.0 | override site title font face in light mode and dark mode?


Ruby/Jekyll noob here. I have a site running jekyll/4.3.1 and minima/3.1.0. I’d like to change the default site title font face in light mode and dark mode. In _sass/minima/_layout.css, I see a .site-title element that appears to set the font weight, but not the face… any suggestions?


Couple of things, it’s not Minima 3.1.0, but just Minima 3.0.
I recommend reading up on *How to customise a Jekyll theme…" and then alter .site-title at just your end by declaring the override in _sass/custom-styles.scss.

Thanks. You’re right, Minima 3.0 (I was confusing this with Ruby 3.1.0). Do you happen to have a recommendation on an article about customizing Jekyll themes where I can learn more? The ones I come across seem to either be outdated or have conflicting information.

Presumably you have seen this already?