Markdown syntax

I know how to do images in Markdown and I know how to do links in Markdown, but I’m not sure how to combine the two.

I want ![my image](assets/img/my_img.png) to work as a button that goes to [my link](

Do I have to get HTML involved here?

In HTML to add a link to an image you wrap the image in a

<a href="/about.html">
    <img src="photo.png" alt="Photo of me"/>

So the same in Markdown.

Just an image

![Photo of me](/photo.png)

Just a link.

[Link fallback text](/about.html)

Combine both by putting the image as the link text, which was invisible before.

[![Photo of me](/photo.png)](/about.html)

See also linked images here

Or my image Cheatsheet

Also for common flows and syntax, remember to search the forums

This same question was asked just 30 days ago. Search for “Markdown image” and it’s the second result.

This is what I needed, thanks @MichaelCurrin. My search foo failed. Sorry.

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Good :slight_smile:

Practice your search fu, grasshopper, and you will become a mighty search ninja. :pray:🙇‍♂