Loading images from siteleafs uploads folder

I created a metadata field for images in my siteleaf cms. This created an uploads folder in my jekyll repo on github, however none of my images in my upload folder are loading into the site. I’m not getting any errors in the console. Images load from the assets but not from the uploads folder.

This is what the repo, yaml and config file looks like:

Jekyll by default ignores folders that begin with an underscore. You’ll need to rename it to /uploads as that’s the image path being reference in your YAML Front Matter.

Jekyll won’t magically convert /_uploads into _site/uploads/ for you.

I figured that was the case. I wonder why _uploads was generated after I
created a metadata field in siteleaf images in the cms.

No idea. Never used Siteleaf. Perhaps they have a way of customizing the folder for uploads.

There should be a way customize it siteleaf. I’m away from my cpu. When I
get home, I’ll find out and answer it here.

I talk to support, a small snippet of code in the config file is supposed to output the _uploads folder to /uploads.

title: Uploads
output: true

It’s not working for me though. I’ve ran into a wall. :confused:

Is your YAML correctly indented?

    title: Uploads

Here’s the repo - https://github.com/pizzapgh/kevins_site

Finally figured it out, the answer is posted on stackoverflow - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47159775/jekyll-collection-output-true/47231769#47231769