Livereload error: This port only serves livereload.js over HTTP

Hey Team, I hope this is the right location for help with this issue. I’m using the following to build a Bootstrap 4 template:

"project-serve": "bundle exec jekyll serve --livereload"

In _config.yml the pertinent options are set as follows:


source: “src”
destination: “dist”
keep_files: [“css”]
port: 9001
baseurl: “”

When I launch in a browser, I get the following error:

This port only serves livereload.js over HTTP.

In terminal, everything seems good:

Configuration file: _config.yml
        Source: src
   Destination: dist

Incremental build: disabled. Enable with --incremental
done in 0.048 seconds.
Auto-regeneration: enabled for ‘src’
LiveReload address:
Server address:
Server running… press ctrl-c to stop.

Most of the references to this issue hinge on not having a head element, which I do have. I’m not building for GitHub btw, if that matters. It’s just a local build. I would really appreciate an assist with this as it’s been vexing me for numerous hours. I’m on an OSX machine if it matters. Thanks in advance!

It’s my understanding that you still need to access port 9001 to see your content; 35729 just manages the LiveReload process.