Kramdown-parser-gfm SuperScript and Subscript support

I am using kramdown-parser-gfm to convert my markdowns to html, but when i try to add a superScript using the markdown format This is a superscript^2 it doesn’t comeout as expected.
how shall I handle this in my project any suggestions?

what do you mean by it doesn’t come out as expected? can you show us what you get? link to where to see it on the web?

Have you tried superscript^2^ ?

Yes i did try superscript^2^ it doesn’t work.

By that i mean its getting rendered in html as

This is a superscript^2

instead of

This is a superscript2

is it within an html block? or all markdown?

are you sure this supports superscript? I don’t see it on the spec:

I don’t think kramdown support superscript and subscript, unless you use html tags.

This is superscript<sup>2</sup>.

This is subscript<sub>2</sub>.