Jekyll with unorder list hyperlinks are not working

Hi Team, I have a markdown file with below sample code

## Demo 1
<ul style="line-height:80%">
   <li> <b> [Test](somewebsite URL-1)</li>
  <li> <b> [Test](somewebsite URL-2)</li>

This is the sample so when I render this this is coming unordered list but hyperlink is not working all of the content is rendered as plain text with list. but It supposed to render along with hyperlink. Can anyone help me with it. If I’m missing anything here.

It looks like your file is missing the YAML front-matter delimiter (---). Also, in order to be interpreted as Markdown, the file’s name must end in .md or .markdown (e.g.

Something like:

permalink: "/"

# Demo 1

- [test1](url1)
- [test2](url2)

@chuckhoupt Sorry my bad. I have added front-matter and also file is markdown file still paths are not working

I fixed your code block, when posting code you should wrap it in sets of 3 back tics or use the editor code feature to do it.

You are mixing html and markdown. Use one or the other - did you try what Chuck posted?.