Jekyll-seo-tag Article mainEntityOfPage


add the mainEntityOfPage option to the following types:

Why? To ensure that structured data is more complete, adheres to Google’s suggestions and get more visibility.

You should NOT use ‘Jekyll SEO tag’. You should NOT use a plugin for 10 lines of code in the head of your document… especially not if:

  • you do not know what these lines are
  • you do not agree with their content
  • you do not know who wrote the plugin
  • you do not know how committed this writer is
  • you do not know or agree the plugins vision or road map

Own your code. Use Jekyll without plugins:

maybe my website has more lines of code than yours…

Mine was obviously a provocation. Thank you for answering and keeping the debate alive.

my website has more lines of code than yours


Mine was obviously a provocation.

Not so obvious… but allright. So you are going to create a PR?

Yes, I would like other people to join the discussion. Then compare the ideas and solutions between us. Finally, decide together to present a single well thought-out Pull Request…