Jekyll-rtd-theme sorting by edit date

I faced with the next issue.
I downloaded jekyll-rtd-theme.
There existing 2 folders “I’m folder 2” and “I’m folder 1” which including some directories and md files. When i try add new md file into folder looks like there set order by Alphabet (digits, “A”, “a” …). I would like to modify this sorting by in chronological order(by date/time). But i don’t know how to do it. When opened test_long/folder2/index.html


  • here data-sort field is empty
    and i found the next rows in includes/templates/toctree.liquid

  • {%- if item.sort -%} {{ item.sort }}. {{ item.title | default: }} {%- else -%} {{ item.title | default: }} {%- endif -%}
  • and looks like here i need to change sort type. But looks like i do what i don’t need to do. I tried several type of sorting but nothing work. Please help.

    I also have checked The experience of making port of readthedocs theme post but there


    1. The sorting of the article can be the file name sort , but such a file structure is really ugly, so the sorting can be sorted by adding a variable to the front of the page, which has been resolved
    sort: 1
    # Theme Documentation


    I am not properly understand what should i do, because sorting by this method

    sort: 1

    is really ugly.
    Thank you.

    Why don’t you use date value for sort?

    sort: 2020-02-03

    Jekyll reads date of a post from the filename. For other pages, you have to sort by a frontmatter field yourself. Or… you add date into the filename of non-post pages and then update the theme to sort by filename.

    Also by the way I found your question formatting confusing to read. Like a bullet point dot on a line by itself , a long if statement on one line that is also a link and also very large text at the end.

    Lookup how to so code blocks in the help of this site. You should use markdown formatting for code. Like triple backticks as below.

    {% if condition %}
    {% endif %}

    It sounds like you downloaded the theme perhaps as a zip or you forked it. I would highly recommend against that. Don’t copy the whole theme unless you want to have all that code.

    Rather make a super light repo of your content only. And configure theme in config file and Gemfile. Then if you need to switch themes, you change only two lines.

    Yes. i really downloaded as zip and tried to add my md files to folders. So if i will add this theme just on new repo, how i should make sorting by edit time. I don’t use date value in md file’s name because there shouldn’t be such values there or digits. There must be just names but in a certain order, therefore i tried to add in my folders md files in chronological order.
    So, what will you recommend for me? I also found the similar theme Search | Just the Docs and there sorting implemented by this way:

    layout: default
    title: SignOn
    nav_order: 1
    parent: Overview
    grand_parent: Interactive Transaction Manager
    has_children: true

    i must be add nav_order in all md files and it works. But i faced with another problem: TOC tree max deep = 3, i need 4.

    If you want to sort by title from metadata.

    {% assign pages = site.pages | sort: "title" %}

    Or by “name” rather for filename.

    When you use a theme, you can override specific layouts or includes files in your repo by copying the original from the theme and adding it with the same name.

    You’ll have to override the theme to handle nesting 4 levels down.

    Or you need to restructure as 3 levels

    Or find another theme.

    I have a theme which is maybe not to your needs but it handles an unlimited number of nested levels. See the sites that use the theme for fuller examples.