Jekyll Paginate v2 Not Working In Blog Page

in my pages/blog.html pages , i want to using paginate v2 plugin for pagination. But It Not Working Showing Error

Pagination Error: Detected invalid url "/blog" for "pages/blog.html"
                    Expected "/" or "/index.html"

in my pages/blog.html page

layout: page
  enabled: true
permalink: '/blog'

Please Help Me. How Can I Using Pagination In my pages/blog.html page ?

i don’t use pagination - but it used to be that the old version had to be on your index.html page, and that sort of seems like what the error is saying.

Can you use the pretty permalink style and have the url be blog/ in which case the file would be index.html? I think it is complaining that the filename is not index.html. With pretty permalinks the urls all end with a / and the structure is such that blog ends up as a folder not a file - with an index.html file inside. The url will be /blog/ but the server will serve the index.html file that is inside. Then the paginate thing I think will be happy cause the filename will be index.html not blog.html.

@rubel The issue you’re facing was due to an enhancement introduced in the plugin’s v2.1.0. That version has now been removed.
Please uninstall that version from your system and run bundle update to use v2.0.0 of the plugin.

it was very silly issue. i solved the problem by changing permalink to