Jekyll-paginate-v2 not working as expected

I migrated to jekyll-paginate-v2 and I am not getting a paginator object with posts available to my page. Per the documentation, posts are the default, but doesn’t create pages when even I explicitly state posts to paginate. This was an issue with jekyll-paginate also when I try and use the pagination to create groups of link on my website homepage.

Not sure what I am missing/doing wrong.

Below is my setup. Thanks in advance for any help.


  - jekyll-paginate

  enabled: true
  per_page: 6
  permalink: '/pages/:num/'
  debug: true


layout: default
title: Home
  enabled: true
  collection: 'posts'
  per_page: 6

<div class="posts">
{% for post in paginator.posts %}
    <section class="section">
      <div class="container-fuild">
          {% include posts/single.html post=post %}
  {% endfor %}

CMDL call

JEKYLL_LOG_LEVEL=debug JEKYLL_ENVIRONMENT=development jekyll serve --verbose

Log output

Configuration file: /srv/jekyll/_config.yml
  Logging at level: debug
    Jekyll Version: 4.0.1
         Requiring: /srv/jekyll/_plugins/ClassFilters.rb
         Requiring: jekyll-paginate
         Requiring: jekyll-sitemap
         Requiring: jekyll/tagging
         Requiring: jekyll-titleize
         Requiring: jekyll-category-pages
            Source: /srv/jekyll
       Destination: /srv/jekyll/_site

Generating: Jekyll::Paginate::Pagination finished in 3.15e-05 seconds.
         Categories Processed 6 category index pages
        Generating: Jekyll::CategoryPages::Pagination finished in 0.011409375 seconds.