Jekyll minima ToC on the left side

I have a gh-pages with jekyll minima theme, how can I create a Table of Contents on the left/right side exactly like this site?
So the ToC will still there/following when I scroll down or click on the content.

Here’s my site source GitHub - Physicys/

Examining the source of the 0xdf site shows that it uses a Bootstrap-TOC library to dynamically build the ToC:

Is there a jekyll project/theme that using bootstrap-toc? since I have no idea how to implement it to my jekyll site.

So I try to implement that bootstrap-toc, it require bootstrap.min.css and bootstrap.bundle.min.js which turns out messing with my dark theme and the ToC doesn’t look like working as intended.

I don’t know of any that specifically use bootstrap-toc, but there are themes out there with sticky ToCs. For example, the popular Minimal Mistakes theme has an option for it: