Jekyll loop over data only show first 30 items

I have a _data/members.yml file, which has ~500 items in the array. I want to show it in a single page with for loop. However, it only show the first 30 items. Is there a way to remove this limit? ( I didn’t add any limit by my own

sample code:
{% for member in %}
{{ }}
{% endfor %}

I believe I saw this 30 limit somewhere, but I can find it anymore. Please help! Thanks!

I see no limit of 30. I just tested your sample code with a ≈300 entries _data file, and they all listed. So the problem must lie elsewhere.

Good luck, best, Michael

There shouldn’t be unless your theme sets a 30 posts limit in config.

Thanks Everyone! I am displaying data from Github API searching. That api only return 30 items per result !!!
There is no issue with jekyll.

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