Jekyll hanging at 100%

I’m running Jekyll on a reasonably large but not huge set of pages and includes (2.28GB in 130k items). It’s been running at 100% for an hour now… I think it’s hung. And I can reproduce this - just run Jekyll, it’s going to hang. I’ve run it fine on this same set of input without about 200 extra pages I just added, and it takes 10min or so.

Given all that… I think it’s hung. Is there anything I can do to investigate?

You could try running with debug logging, which might show where it gets hung up:

 export JEKYLL_LOG_LEVEL=debug
 jekyll build

Thanks. weird. It did actually run to completion, just took 2500 seconds. Running with debugging showed no problems and it took 75 seconds. I will keep investigating

how can I get Jekyll to produce debug output without using ‘export…’? Jekyll is run by some other program for me, so I can’t do that. I tried creating a _config.yml, but it’s ignored?

This is related to the line length in html includes. I had generated HTML with very long line length - when I changed the generator to break the line occasionally, the time take reduced by a factor of 5

isn’t export just a way to set an env variable temporarily? maybe try setting an env variable on your system for JEKYLL_LOG_LEVEL=debug