Jekyll + (Emacs) Orgmode markup ( instead of Markdown) for content

I love Markdown , yet … i love the power combination of GNU 's Emacs Orgmode markup. emacs+orgmode
Umh… How to combine it with Jekyll ?

Hence its title

Jekyll + (Emacs) Orgmode markup ( instead of Markdown) for content

This topic / threads on experiences and ramblings about it… Sharing my starting points here :slight_smile:

… i’m building a prototype / PoC based on ^^ .
And :

Any thoughts on this ?
Anyone else willing to share experience about ?

I can’t see from either link what org mode markdown syntax looks like. The tutorial uses frontmatter only.

Can you share a snippet or screenshot of Org mode for those not familiar?

Also the tutorial recommends jekyll-sitemap installed globally. That sounds like something that should definitely be in Gemfile and installed with Bundler.

Installing Jekyll with the gem command like that also means you’ll get latest Jekyll 4 which is not compatible with GH Pages. You’ll want to supply a version number with gem on the CLI. I don’t bother with Jekyll locally anymore. I have Jekyll 3.9 or 4.1 or 4.2 set in each of the Jekyll projects I make or in projects I find by other so I can get the exact Jekyll version I need without bloating global gems.

I use emacs for jekyll but not orgmode - can’t you just use the org-mode html exporter to publish posts? Use the markdown when you write it and let jekyll deal with the html version org pushes into the _posts folder …