Jekyll-citation doesn't work any longer


I’m upgrade an old website version, and I don’t know if I’m missing something, but rendering bibtex entries using jekyll-citation is now broken:

  Liquid Exception: uninitialized constant Jekyll::BibtexBlock::IsTag in texts/
jekyll 3.6.2 | Error:  uninitialized constant Jekyll::BibtexBlock::IsTag

I have created a minimal file using really just the example from the project, to exclude problems with particular entries:

permalink: /texts/writings.html
# layout: pageplain
title: Writings
# tags: [about, Jekyll, theme, responsive]
modified: 2014-08-08T20:53:07.573882-04:00
comments: false
#  feature: texture-feature-02.jpg
#  credit: Texture Lovers
#  creditlink:

{% bibtex %}
  title={Orders of value: probing the theoretical terms of Archival Practice},
  author={Brothman, B.},
{% endbibtex %}

My Gemfile has this:

source ""
gem 'bibtex-ruby'
gem 'citeproc-ruby'
gem 'csl-styles'

I have no clue what’s broken. Thanks for help.

The plugin you’re referring to hasn’t been updated for years…

The IsTag in the error message above had been removed way back in 2014… See commit below:

Ok, I understand. Is anyone aware of a solution that still works? I tried jekyll-scholar, but it’s not the same API (for example, you cannot inline bibtex entries) and the rendering doesn’t look good IMO.

best, …h.h…