Jekyll-autoscout24 is a new plugin that parse AutoScout24 XML backups

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I need help to write a plugin that pulls in a special .xml file (weekly downloaded from AutoScout24) and transforms it into a data file which I could then output on my Jekyll site.

Please mail me as indicated on my GitHub account.

I would write a script to convert the xml to json and store it in the data folder:

Thanks J.,

I’m 46 y.o. and I started study new technologies in 2014.

I don’t know how send a request to an api nor write jekyll plugins. I speak a basic english and read docs translated by Google Translator is hard.

Now…I think I could choose if:

  1. Send a JSON request to Autoscout Api ( ) who answer in JSON


  1. Every time I want update the lis of cars in my website I Will download from AutoScout24 account an

.xml file and push it into website through a plugin or use a converter generator online.

In any case when and if I Will be able to obtain my file in my _data folder it won’t be easy for me extract data in order to show on my website a list of cars like this one:

Best regards


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I have upload my backup .xml file here:

Please take a look :slight_smile:

Something interesitng also here jekyll-get

Jekyll plugins run each time you run jekyll build or jekyll serve
What you actually need is an isolated script that runs only when you tell it to run.

The script should in essence download and parse your XML file and store the resulting data as JSON (or either YAML / CSV / TSV) in your site’s _data folder.

Jekyll then generates the HTML markup based on your Liquid templates within _layouts and / or _includes

Thanks @ashmaroli,
I followed your advise: I used XSLT and JS.
For now I’m satisfied even if there are still some features that I would like to implement.

here is my repo:

here is the result:

If you find time, please take a look to my repo and I would be honored if you decide help me.

Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at

Collaboration and contribution are welcome!

Please take a look here

Hi @jhvanderschee please take a look here

Your contribution would be welcome.