Issue integrating jekyll blog with existing bootstrap site

Hello Jekyll Friends
I am converting an existing site to a Jekyll powered site including a blog using the theme xixia.

The issue is that the homepage (index.html) and blog categories page (categories) renders well but not the main blog page (blog.html).

It seems that the variables post, paginator.posts are empty

I have the following site structure:

  • index.html linking to blog.html
  • blog.html linking to categories.html
  • categories.html linking to blog.html and index.html

The following is an extract of the blog.html page:

{% for post in paginator.posts %}

<div class="well article">

    <span class="post-date">
        {% assign date_format = site.date_format.title %}
        {{ | date: date_format }}
        <a href="{{ site.baseurl }}{{ post.url }}">{{ post.title }}</a>
    <div class="post-description">
        {{ post.description }}
{% endfor %}

Verifying variable paginator.posts reveals Nul.

Could you imagine how I can debug or otherwise verify what is the issue here?

thanks for your response

Greetings, Peter

not really much info to troubleshoot here, is there a link to a repo and to the site you can share?

if the only problem is with the blog.html page I think that is because the paginator will only work on a page called index.html. So blog.html will not work. Not sure if you can have it be in a sub folder but with a file called index.html - maybe.

Hey dude, I have a website on uktv app and currently i am running wordpress on the site and I am looking to add jekyllrb but i am not that expert to deal with. However, I have tried with the help of my friend Anush Thakur but I have failed to integrate the newly added jekyll with the existing bootstrap site (as I already told). Please help; Thanks in advance.