Is post_url superseded by link?

If I’m linking internally to another post or to another page should i be using link for both or should I be using link for pages and post_url for posts? The documentation for linking implies the former when it says, “To link to a post, a page, collection item, or file, the link tag will generate the correct permalink URL” but later on implies the latter when it makes a special case for posts, “If you want like to include a link to a post on your site, the post_url tag will generate the correct permalink URL”. Looks like the docs just haven’t caught up to the code to me and that link is the one tag to rule them all.

Hi @MikeHigginbottom,

It’s up to you when you want to link to posts post_url or link will do the job.
If you prefer to use a generic tag, then link is your friend.

But post_url is not deprecated so it still has to be mentioned in the docs.

Feel free to open a PR if you think you can improve the current documentation. Thanks.