Is it possible to use includes in _config.yml?

If we have a _congif.yml and a _config_production.yml, whereby one is used to launch a local instance, and the other is used to push the live site to Apache2, during development, I find myself having to update both config files when a single change is made.

Is there a way to define a common variable file that can be referenced using an include inside of each _config file?

don’t changes in a second file over write changes in the first? so if an item is needed in both it is in the first config file only. Then the 2nd one only has the overrides.

If that is not it, can you better explain why you have to update both config files - example?

I don’t think you can use includes in a config file.

To make the configurations cumulative, one can request multiple config files with the --config option:

bundle exec jekyll build --config _config.yml,_config_production.yml