Is it possible to sort with more columns in a data file

Hallo Folks,

is ist possible to sort not just over on column of a data file?
I need to sort over more than one, like i do in SQL.

{% assign stgs = | sort:  "aaspf_echt" | where_exp: "item", "item.nummer < '20'" %}
{% assign stgsSort1 = stgs | sort:  "nummer" %}

I just found the solution to do an assign after an assign, but that is not what I am looking for.

My SQL would look like:

SELECT keys_fachr.nummer, keys_fachr.stg, keys_fachr.aaspf_echt, keys_fachr.fachrich, keys_fachr.fachriche
FROM keys_fachr
WHERE (((keys_fachr.aaspf_echt)="B" Or (keys_fachr.aaspf_echt)="M"))
ORDER BY keys_fachr.nummer, keys_fachr.aaspf_echt, keys_fachr.fachrich;