Invalid span tags in `index.html`, RSS feed (Resolved)

My Reproduction Steps

  1. Build and preview the site (gulp serve)
  2. View the source of index.html and a random post

The content is wrapped in span tags that I did not insert and due to caching this causes the browser to display the same content differently on the homepage and individual post pages.

For example, there is content in a post which existed in a prior build of the site, but has since been deleted. This is still visible when I load the deployed site’s URL. It also appears in my site’s RSS feed.

The Output I Wanted

The same content on both pages, without span tags being inserted in the Index. I had an issue like this not long ago, but it was resolved by fixing some invalid markup I had in a template. I do not see any such errors this time around.

Bah, caching is weird. If anyone has a strategy to make sure old content is refreshed and doesn’t require another deploy to replace it, I’m all ears.