Introducing JekyllEx - Manage your Jekyll blog from your Android device!

Hello everyone!

I am really excited to share with you my latest project JekyllEx, using which you can manage blog posts on your Jekyll site if its hosted on GitHub.

I have been working on this the past month. I primarily built it as a part of a hackathon but I am sure it would be a useful to many.

I have explained all about JekyllEx in this article at my blog, do read it to know more!

The app is open source:

I wish it could be featured somewhere on the main Jekyll repository/website as I will be adding more features and maintain the app. If one of the moderators see it, I would be obliged if it could be done =)

I am really curious about what you think about the project. Thanks for taking the time to check my project out!

Very interesting, Gourav.
Happy to see the younger generation taking interest in Jekyll.

I’m one of the maintainers of Jekyll and have always desired to have a native app to improve workflow with Jekyll.

However regarding your app, apart from the name, is there any other connection with Jekyll?
From what I understand, the app is just consuming GitHub API to allow edits to repository files.
If yes, then the app isn’t strictly Jekyll oriented but can be seen as a generic subset of an android app for GitHub.

Therefore sadly, I do not think this (in its present condition) warrants being featured on the Jekyll website.

FYI, Jekyll could be run on JRuby (Java implementation of the Ruby language) as well (apart from mainstream CRuby / MRI). Something for you to experiment with…

P.S. My android dev knowledge is zero and have no clue if kotlin and jruby have compatiblity issues.