Install local copy of Jekyll theme - Slate

I have been unable to install a local copy of the Slate theme and as a result, I am unable to run bundle exec jekyll serve on my local machine running Ubuntu 20.04 with Jekyll 2.7. How can I do this? I have tried many command variations on gem install as recommended by various posts.


Please see the usage instructions in the docs to make sure your config is setup and your Gemfile in your project includes a line to install the theme.

Then you are going need to run two bundle commands listed here in my gist. Remember to run from inside your project folder.

Since you are using bundle, which I do recommend, then you don’t need to use gem install at all for project gems such as a theme.

The only time I need to run gem install is for installing Jekyll and Bundler globally. Such as here

Also I don’t install Jekyll globally anymore. I prefer to install it per project.

After that you can run your bundle exec jekyll serve