Images On Right and One Under Another

I wanted to create two image s on the right side, one after another. I have very limited HTML knowledge, but I did it on jsfiddle. I don’t want to get involved with css, so I am trying to keep everything at pure html. Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground
However, when I put that code to my markdown, it does not work. If you check the page source, it is same. Is there something that overrules my code and cause images to be side by side. Link to my page

it isn’t at all clear what you want, that page looks good to me.

Try posting the source markdown you tried and either a simpler page or at least a screenshot highlighting what is incorrect.

I don’t think you can directly add styles to markdown but you can add a class. Not wanting to be involved with css isn’t really an option, your fiddle is using css directly with the style tag.