I'm so confuse on this issue that running with Jeklly

I need help I cannot figure out why all my code is rendering into this one div elements the hero div. If any can help please this would be amazing I have upload into github at:


This code contains an element with the div class of hero , and all of my html elements are rendered inside of the div class of hero .

I cannot figure why happen. So looking for help or advice that someone can give me.


can you be more specific - can you link to a live page that shows that?

in your repo it looks like everything is in includes? and one of the home ones does contain a here div, and inside that is an include to something else, so all of that is going to end up inside the hero div.

Did you create all the includes? why not use the index.md file for some of it?

Thank you, for reply to post tell me how to explain more specific. Alway have trouble explaining my code issue. I have updated my code right now with

Fixing my git right now not working at the moment. So I can show you the updated site:



My mind get loss confuse. I been struggle on figure out how to style my website if done within index.md and also put same layout and code structure. If you could share with me your tips and advices on what you have learn that would be appreciate and share your knowledge.

I have looked Jeklly How to created index.md an different page but been just very confuse.

are you familiar with jekyll? or just starting out? if you are starting out try watching this really old playlist on youtube - the concept is the same today though some things have changed - its lots of short videos, pretty easy to watch: