If statement with include

Is there anyway to write and if statement for an include.

{% if include showcase.html%}
add script tag
{% endif %}

thanks in advance

Couldn’t you put the script tag in the include?
When the include is added to a page the script comes along for the ride. When it’s not it’s not.

but the script will be called before jquery so ideally i want that to sit at the bottom of the page

You can place the “include” at the bottom of your template:

{% include script.html %}

Ah gotcha. That might be tricky then. Perhaps you could move just jQuery to the <head> so any plugins or scripts that depend on it could load after.

It’s not as performant as you alluded to by wanting them further down the page, presumably before the closing </body> element.

Not sure if this would work, but maybe something like:


{% assign showcase_visible = true %}

<!-- showcase HTML and logic -->

in your layout:

<!-- layout stuff -->

{{ content }}

<!-- placed near the bottom
     checks for showcase_visible variable from include

{% if showcase_visible == true %}
    showcase JavaScript
{% endif %}

in the page:

Some content here.

{% include showcase.html %}

this makes sense I will try this