I have a problem with jekyll. Guys help me

The error message doesn’t have enough context to pinpoint the exact cause.
Its going to take some multiple back-n-forth…

Try running bundle exec jekyll serve first.
If it doesn’t work, try bundle exec jekyll serve --safe.

Though you have not posted any code or anything related to what you are trying to do. This error is thrown usually when your files have non UTF-8 based characters either in ur file name or your content. So you can check for those. Just a suggestion,

That’s the thing, I haven’t started writing code yet, it doesn’t work to create a project on jekyll itself

Everything is exactly the same

Please share how you created the project. Did you just type jekyll new project, go into the folder and type jekyll serve? We need more details of the steps you took and how you got here.

Try typing bundle exec jekyll serve instead and see if that helps. Also, bundle exec jekyll serve --livereload will allow you to make changes and see them in real time on your browser.