I can't see my posts on my top page (GH Pages)

Hello. I’m a Japanese student, so my English is may be strange.
This is my first time to use here…

I’m making my new website on github.
↓ This.

I made some posts.
↓For example, this.
~/2020/03/03/first(Sorry I can’t post full rink because I’m new here)

But I can’t see my posts’ names on my top page. (https://madoreenu.github.io/)
Like this.スクリーンショット 2020-03-21 0.31.54

Could you tell me why this happened??

I’m so happy if you teach me.
Thank you.

P.S I can see my posts on my top page on local serve. Only I can’t see them on github pages.

I think it is because you are using plugins (paginate-2 and maybe jekyll-arhives) that are not compatible with GH pages. If you need to use those then you need to build locally and commit the _site folder to GH pages.

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Thanks for answering me.
I tried that, but it wouldn’t.

What’s wrong? :pensive:

I could solve the problem with “paginate: 5” and using the old plugin.
Thanks to teach me!! I could know that I had to use the old one.