I can't access side variable in my pages from liquid

I’m testing jekyll for making a simple block, my variable side is nil as in my index.md

layout: default
side.time = {{ side.time }} # side.time = 
side.time = {{ side.time | inspect }} # side.time = nil

For example, I can’t use the {% for post in side.posts %} neither in my pages nor my _layouts nor my _includes. Everywhere when I check using the bundle exec jekyll build --trace it tells me

/block/_includes/aside.html line 2): undefined variable side included (Liquid::UndefinedVariable)

The uses of the viable side are not working.

I’m using the _config.yml option strict_variables: true for debuggin puposes, without it there is no error but I can’t use any functionality that include the usage of side . It’s just nil .

I have try to using the :setlocal nobomb option on my text editor but my liquid is working with everything else. I have try to use the excerpt_separator: "" option on my _config.yml as is says on the documention page, but I wasn’t luck with that either.

I have try to search information of an error similiar to this but I coundn’t find it. Does someone know what can be the problem?

I’m using jekyll 4.2.0 and Bundler version 2.2.6 on kubuntu. I have in my .bashrc

export GEM_HOME=$HOME/gems
export PATH=$HOME/gems/bin:$PATH

for using ruby gems without the need of sudo.

Site not side.

{{ site.posts }}
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