How to make Jekyll not to resize every image in every build

Hey guys! I’m using Jekyll Picture Tag to make my images responsive, but everytime that I build the website, It generates every single image again. Is there a way to cache this?

I am interested in this too. Is it maybe possible to exclude the image DIR globally once they have been generated (just during working on the site?) or does the picture plugin ignore that or would the image folder be missing alltogether then (removed…). (jekyll newbie here)

and I just saw this on the picture tag github:

  • 1.10.1 July 2, 2020
    • Bugfix for erroneously regenerated images

or is that irrelevant …?

You may not actually want to cache it so you can allow images to change when needed.

If you want to cache them you could version the output locally and maybe disable the plugin.

I don’t know how the plugin works but using GitHub Actions allows you to setup a cache on dependencies and maybe assets so that builds are quicker. This may not actually help you if the plugin regenerates files afresh or maybe it checks modified times of the output files and skips them but I’m not convinced that would work here