How to loop through pages in a folder

they all have frontmatter - what is the liquid syntax? thank you.

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I think I found it:

A side note: If all the files are in a folder/sub-directory, then you can set the identifier en-masse from the _config.yml file front-matter defaults:

      path: "thingfolder"
      type: "pages"
      identifier: "value"
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I think that just adds complexity? I have multiple identifiers and want to feed them into the search engine. Putting them in the frontmatter distinguishes which files are meant no matter which folder. So they are all covered and the folder structure is just a visual directory order I now learned.

Yea, using front-matter defaults for identifiers is definitely a design decision. In some cases it is helpful, but in others it adds unnecessary complexity/abstraction. I’ve found it useful in the case where I’ve unexpectedly needed to identify all the pages in a folder-tree. Rather then modify the front-matter on hundreds of individual pages, I could just define it once in the defaults.

Have to disagree there. in my opinion and newbieish ignorance the logic should process the page according to what it is not where it is. And it should do that on the page that outputs the pages (html items) when they are grouped. (so I don’t have to worry about folder renaming or misplacing pages for the site to work). I want the item (page) to be an atom if possible.
I don’t see the config.yml or the _data files really when I work on the page or site - for me they obfuscate what is going on like the sass idea of having all these special files that then are imported into a standard css file. But that is only me of course.
the unexpected is exactly why this takes me so long to plan.

So I want the folder structure for the urls and for having a visual order when I look at the project directory but not as an identifier for the folder contents in the jekyll logic.