How to list a archive in jekyll?

Hello, This is my first post.
I am creating a website in Jekyll,
I have fully setup the archive, but the problem is that i need a directory listing for the archive, I use a year,day and week archive pages and i need to link to them all, but they are all automatacly generated by jekyll-archive

All I need is a plugin or any other tip on how to do this
I have googled evrything and serch here in this forum but all of the plugins ether don’t work, or have errors

I need this website to run on GitHub pages using actions

I can’t add them to a collection since they are generated already

have you looked at site.static_files? you should be able to loop over all static files in a folder and do something.

Sorry mispelled jekyll-archive also my website is based on bootstrap,
and when i loop over the arry that you metion all i get is bootstrap files,
not generated archive files
i can’t just make the archive one file
but the path names are made based by year day and month

the output is bootstrap.bundle.min.jsbootstrap.min.css
i don’t know much about liquid and ruby all i know is jekyll


if you are using the plugin I think you can just link to where they are can’t you? something like /category/category-name or year/2020?

You should be able to look at what is in the site folder to see what paths would work.

I have not used that plugin so not sure exactly how it works but there was a little bit of info on permalink setup that may help.

I remove the site folder because GitHub server build it using actions