How to get unique data for each item in a loop on the same page

Hey folks, who might have an idea what I’m trying to do here. So, I have a collection, right. Let’s call it _orders. Now this collection has a number of items, currently about 10 of them. Each item is like a dictionary of data/entries, right, so I’m outputting them into a table, table rows. So, each entry is its own column. You could picture these entries each set for each item as date, unique_id, name, status, etc.

If, and when I do, loop through orders, I have the key as an example and so I can output unique data through each stop in the loop for all the items in orders. But now, I want when I click onn each table row, that is, the item itself, it should open a modal on the page and load its own data, just its own data. Think about it, if this item were opening in a new page, like a typical blog post the variable page.something would be available to me. But now that it’s the same page and I need to use only one modal window for all items, how do I write the Liquid loop to out unique information/data to each item based on the one’s table row that is clicked?

I wonder if I’ve made sense but has anyone had to deal with a scenario like this before?

Thanks for your help.