How to exclude _pluigns folder from jekyll build?

At first jekyll build it shows “Pulling in the podcasts. This might take a while…” it is from the podcast plugin, how to exclude this from jekyll build?

The easiest solution is to use the --safe option:

jekyll build --safe

Other alternative methods:

  • Rename the folder if you want to exclude all containing plugins.
  • Or change the file extension of the podcast plugin from .rb to .txt.
  • Or simply move the podcast plugin to some other location.

Do you want to get rid of the plugin altogether?

Or selectively choose between building with and without the plugin?

If there is a plugin directory of plugins, Jekyll will run all of them.

The comment above assumes that there is no safe: true flag and that Jekyll will therefore ignore that plugin and keep any others. At the risk of any others not marked safe either of then stopping.

Or you can rework the plugin to listen to an optional environment variable

And skip execution

def generate(site)
  if ENV["PODCASTS"] == "false"
  # Main logic...

Then you can do

jekyll build 

PODCASTS=false jekyll build 

just to exclude the podcast plugin while jekyll build, because of the plugin it takes time to build

Your answer is not clear and does add new info to the original post. Can you clarify please?

  • Do you want always exclude the plugin?
  • When do you want it to run? Do you want to include it on a remote build? or a serve?

Does the plugin expect a value in your config? You have two configs and then locally you could pass both config named to Jekyll so the 2nd config turns off the config.

# _config.yml
title: My title
baseurl: ''
podcast_url: abc
podcast_url: ''

Then something like

jekyll build --config=_config.yml,

And the remote build can use just the one config.

My recommendation of using env variable to disable to plugin selectively still stands. But requires modifying the plugin.

Some links would help to. Where does the plugin come from? Do the docs for it cover tips for disabling it or reducing build time?