How to display data from Jekyll data file based on current page variable

NB – I asked this question on Stack Overflow just now. I’m replicating it here.

The Problem

I have a div on my Jekyll site where I would like to display data that is generated from _data/book-data.yml, for example:

- name: johnson-everything-under
  title: Everything Under
  author: Daisy Johnson
  publisher: Faber & Faber
  pub-date: 12/12/2012

- name: johnson-train-dreams
  title: Train Dreams
  author: Denis Johsnon
  publisher: Granta
  pub-date: 01/01/2001

I’m trying to find a way to display the data that corresponds to the relevant page (each book entry has a different page), and I thought maybe this would be possible if the name key corresponds to the page.url, or some other page variable.

What I’ve tried

On a working page, I have an include which contains the following HTML:

<div class="book-meta">
  {% if page.category == "reviews"%}
  <div class="book-thumbnail">
    <img class="post-thumbnail-lg" src="{{ site.baseurl }}/assets/images/{{ page.thumbnail }}" alt="{{ page.thumbnail }}">
  {% for book in %}
  <div class="book-details">
    <ul class="book-meta-list">
      <li class="book-meta-item"><p><a href="#">{{ }}</a></p></li>
      <li class="book-meta-item"><p><em>{{ book.title }}</em></p></li>
      <li class="book-meta-item"><p>{{ book.publisher }}</p></li>
      <li class="book-meta-item"><p>{{ }}</p></li>
  {% endfor %}
  {% endif %}

The CSS is not important, but as it is currently the output of the above HTML is:


Desired output

As you can see, the output contains both the blocks of metadata from the .yml file. I would like to find a way so that only the relevant block of data (the first block in this instance) is displayed:


Potential solution(s)

I thought that there might be a way of matching a page.variable to the YAML block name so only the right book data gets output. Something along the lines of:

{% assign url_substring = page.url | split, '/' | last %}
// url_substring = johnson-everything-under
{% for book in %}
{% if url_substring == %}
// = true
<p>{{ book.title }}<p>
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

Other than the fact that I can’t get this to work properly, I can also see that the liquid tag {{ book.title }} has no way of knowing which book title to output, even if the page.url matches.

I’m not sure if I’m on the right track here, so if anyone has any other suggestions on how this might be achievable, I’d love to hear it. Thanks in advance.

You should be able to do it.

Maybe this example is near what you need:

so maybe you can access it more like:
assign x =[url_substring] and then x.title

something like that might work.