How do you create custom design website with jekyll if it's deleting all custom stuff?

Hi, i pulled your repo and decided to redo design to fit my needs. I added a folder named “pages”(where i kept my custom pages) inside of _site folder. All looked good until i added a new file to _posts folder. Then, all of my custom created pages got deleted with all of the work that i did.
Question: How do you create custom design website with jekyll if it’s deleting all custom stuff?
If it is a clean up class, can i just get rid of it?

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Sergii K

Everything inside _site/ will be deleted. You are not supposed to create anything inside _site/, you create outside (in your project’s root directory). When jekyll builds your site, jekyll will create a new _site/ folder with your site.

You can take a look at the documentation on how to structure your files.

You just create your stuff in the root folder (of your project), and not inside _site/. It is hard to tell you where exactly to put your stuff because it is not clear what is your site structured. If you provide more information about it, it will be easier. E.g.: have you created your site following the Quick-start guide or have you cloned a project? (:


Thank you for response. Yes, i didn’t read much info and just cloned one of the examples and played with it. It is pretty straight forward i would you do homework first :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

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You can also read @DavidDarnes post on creating a Jekyll theme:

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