How do I reverse the ordering of previous and next posts?

UPDATE: I managed to remove the post pagination by using the solution found here: Disable Previus and Next button · Issue #1592 · mmistakes/minimal-mistakes · GitHub

However, I would like to use this feature rather than completely remove it if I can figure out how to reverse the ordering of the pagination. Any ideas?

My GitHub Pages repo was started using the Minimal Mistakes Starter Template code. I’ve added dates to my posts in the YAML front matter so that they’re ordered appropriately on my home page. For example:

title: "About Me"
date: 2023-06-23T19:00:00-04:00

However, the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom are logically backward where the first (most recent) post only allows a Previous click:

I want it so that the most recent post is “first”, essentially reversing the ordering of the posts in regards to the navigation buttons at the bottom. What resources can help me? I did some searching, but couldn’t find anything yet.

Does it have something to do with the sitemap or paginate plugins?:

# Plugins (previously gems:)
  - jekyll-paginate
  - jekyll-sitemap
  - jekyll-gist
  - jekyll-feed
  - jemoji
  - jekyll-include-cache

If I cannot reverse the ordering for the buttons, then I’d rather disable them entirely.


Try copying the contents of this file into the empty _includes/post_pagination.html file that you created to remove pagination. It should restore pagination as it was before.

After doing this, you will be able to do what you asked for by editing this file