Have 3 on each row instead of 2

So, basically I want 3 cards on each row instead of 2, and I want them to be responsive as well, how would I accomplish this? Currently I only have 2.

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Bump, still looking for answers.

its just a css thing, not jekyll related. The cards are in a grid, for some reason the containing div has padding on the left and right of 9% which seems like a lot. In the screenshot you can see I have turned off the padding on that div and now there are 3 across on my monitor.

You could edit the 9% to be something like 16px and that may work.

Keep in mind it is going to be different on different sized screens as the width will change and that will affect how many can fit.

Keep in mind also that whoever made the padding 9% may have done so for a reason and my quick look/fix may screw up something else.

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ps the browser dev tools are your friend for this type of stuff. In Chrome right click on the page and choose inspect and you can see the html and css and edit it to see what happens.