Gemfile to avoid polling for changes?

What does this means?

This gem is required for Windows machines to enable the polling. Just add that into your Gemfile.

How? :yum:

Can you describe more about it?

sorry, I’m not a Windows user so I’m not really sure of the additional details. what happens when you try to add the line just as written in the msg?

You pretty much follow what the message says by adding that wdm gem line to your Gemfile.

Depending on what’s in there currently it’ll look something like this:

source ''

gem 'wdm', '~> 0.1.0' if Gem.win_platform?
gem 'jekyll'

You should also get in the habit of prepending Jekyll commands with bundle exec as that will help clear up and dependency woes. e.g. bundle exec jekyll serve and bundle exec jekyll build.

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Thanks buddy. Let me try this. :slight_smile: