Full LaTeX in Jekyll markdown

Q1) So let’s say I have this LaTeX template from this website and I want to serve it on my website. How would I go about doing that? I’ve already integrated LaTeX support using KaTeX following this guide but it won’t render as expected, is there a way to parse & render full LaTeX with Jekyll? This is of course nuanced, since, I know that KaTeX or MathJax doesn’t support all LaTeX, which brings me to my next question.

Q2) Does MathJax support more core Tex variables than KaTeX?

I’m just looking for some rule of thumb guidance and explanation. Thank you!

P.S. I’ve tried using the jekyll-spaceship plug-in but feels like there is too much packed in and I would like to keep using KaTeX rather than MathJax since my fonts come out smaller when I use MathJax for some reason. Although multimarkdown grabbed my attention you still need to do a lot to load glossaries I guess. In any case, I would love a plug-in which can parse .tex files or LaTeX/TeX in markdown and output html with Jekyll. I’m aware this is vague but just opening up conversation to find a best-fit solution.

Unfortunately, I do not use LaTeX, but I can point you to this article that covers the topic:

Yep been there, and it was helpful. I’m probably asking too much of Jekyll, and should & could just use asciidoc. But if anybody has a suggestion otherwise or if learning LaTeX would be more beneficial in the future I’m all ears. Thanks for the reply @BillRaymond