Footnote adds first word

I have an issue where I can´t figure out where it´s coming from. Im using the following to add footnotes:

Test text[^2]

[^2] This is a footnote

The output is:
Test text² (This)

I can´t get rid of the first word of the footnote in brackets behind the footnote link. Any idea where this can be coming from? Could not find a way do configure the behavior in the config or so.

Thanks for any help.

Hi there,

In the future, please use a code block using three back-ticks ``` at the top and bottom of your code. Here is the code using the three back-ticks:

Test text[^2]
[^2] This is a footnote

and this output:

Test text² (This)

Doing that, I noticed right away the code would not work. This is the output I get in the markdown, which does not match the results you posted:

Test text[^2] Some text [^2] This is a footnote

The reason there is a problem is that you need to add a colon after the second [^2] like this:

Test text[^2]


[^2]: This is a footnote

I find that in markdown, you may need to add an extra blank line before the footnote. However, you probably do not need to add more blank lines between individual footnotes. Takeaway: If something does not display properly, first play with extra blank lines.

Also, you are using 2 in your reference, but markdown renders it as 1. That is because I only have one reference, and I think markdown starts at 1, independent of what you type in the brackets.

Now, the result looks like this image:

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 8.49.49 AM

Hi Bill,
thank you for the reply and the hints for the code block.
I just noticed, that everything is fine for normal text but the issue is occurring in tables.

# Footnote in text

Footnote 1-1 [^testnote1]

Footnote 1-2 [^testnote1]

Footnote 2 [^testnote2]

# Footnote in table

| Type                       |
| -------------------------- |
| Footnote 1-1 [^testnote1]  |
| Footnote 1-2 [^testnote1]  |
| Footnote 2 [^testnote2]    |

[^testnote1]: Refer to this note 1
[^testnote2]: How is this?

Ends up like this:

Odd. I copied and pasted your code and here are my results:

Is there a chance you are using a special markdown plugin/gem or have modified markdown settings in your /_config.yml file?

I am using Jekyll 4.2.2, so perhaps there is a difference in versions?

We are running on jekyll 3.0.2 at the moment. Will see if we can do an upgrade and maybe this will change the behaviour.